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So you want a web site
This is not as easy as building a computer or replacing hardware. There will need to be planning and discussion. On your part, when you contact me be sure to place in your message these items.
More Business site info
How to get a domain
. How to get a host
1. What type of site will it be. (Business, Personal, Ecommerce) Each one of these types have thier own pro's and con's as well as a price tag. Business type sites require them to be maintained on a regular basis, dependending on the business and how much the internet effects thier business. Personal sites require no mainatence as they are created and then left alone. Ecommerce sites require the most work at creating and maintaining therefore the most expensive of the three types.  


2. Do you already have a domain?  Find out how to get a domain
3. Do you have a host for your domain? Find out how to get a host
4. Do you have your own server?
Choose your type of web site you would like, press the button that best fits your site type and fill out the information form provided.


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