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wpe5C.jpg (751 bytes) I build and maintain personal web sites as well as business web sites, including ecommerce.
bullet2.jpg (751 bytes) I build custom computers for your business or personal use. You pick the components and we build it.
bullet2.jpg (751 bytes) If you need replacement components or would like to upgrade your hardware I have the experience to handle any type of hardware installations.
. Services
These services I provide on local basis. For the Texoma area mostly the cities of  Sherman/Denison and the surrounding locations. However if you find my prices reasonable and would like hardware or a computer built and shipped I will accommodate.

Note: For these types of orders I will provide a completion date and a shipping number so you can track your purchase. Read: References, Customer Comments

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When you come back to this site I will be able to let you know your order status. When you place an order a temp web page is created for you to come to and check the status of your order. I will update this page as you order status changes. signin.gif (1025 bytes)


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