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A Original Rock Band

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No Exit will give away to anyone who comes to the stage and says that you saw us on the internet a free No Exit cassette tape. Come by and get your free No Exit Cassette tape.



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A Texoma Area Based Band

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... No Exit in concert : Main Street Grapevine Tx. May 19, 3:30pm - 4:45pm - Coors Stage . grayarrow.gif (900 bytes)

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coming soon : Samples from our soon to be completed second CD from ITR Records.

. No Exit's First CD

No Exit

Track Title


Track Length

Itr Records


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1. Life Line

Running Time (2:52)

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2. Rescue Me


Running Time (4:30)
3. Running Running Time (4:23)
4. Helpless Running Time (4:35)

No Exit Music Catalog

5. Rock A By Baby Running Time (3:24)

From the CD "No Exit"

6. Passionate Kisses Running Time (3:43)
7. I Wonder Running Time (3:42)
8. Its About Time Running Time (4:11)
9. Move On Running Time (3:02)
Tony Garcia Guitar - Vocals
Jim Choate Bass
Mike Harris Drums
Mike Baugh Guest Keyboard
Kathey Kersey Guest Harmony Vocals
Jeff Barns Guest Saxaphone
Joanna Ramirez Guest Congas
Gary Strong Guest Congas

Jeff Barns appeared courtesy Brave Combo/Rounder Records

Joanna Ramirez, Mike Baugh & Gary Strong courtesy Soul Providers/ITR Records

Cover Art : Doug Myerscough / EM Graphics design


1997 ITR Records All Rights Reserved. Manufactured and marketed By ITR Records

ITR Records
Route 4, Box 639G
Sanger, Tx 76266
(940) 482 - 3422


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