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I know it is real hard to give someone, sight unseen, your money. I have grown many gray hair worrying about transactions I have conducted over the internet. I conduct all my purchases using money orders, personaly, and in doing so I have found the most reputable businesses on the net to conduct my purchases. In my vendors own words and in my own "I want to stay in business. Business who rip off their cutomers don't stay in business." I have allways dreamed of having my own computer business and now it is a reality. I will NOT do anything to jeopardize what has taken me years to create.

I am in the process of accumalating ratings points. These points are a popular way on the auction sites to view feedback from sellers and buyers. You will be able to post your feedback or ratings here for all to see. A comment concerning the transaction and whether it is a poitive or negitive rating. You will reveive the site address to post as soon you item has shipped. (This is only for cutomers who have purchsed an item from Computer Shopper.