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School Administrators Registration Form   Authorized School personal only



        Registration form is at the bottom of page.

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Sign your College Or School up for:

If you would like your school or college to have the full benefits of this program your school must first be registered . This means that an authorized person from the school registering must first fill out a registration form. This protects us as well as you from unauthorized use. Student Resources will first make contact by email, then by voice phone. The information provided will be used to verify the use  of this service by an authorized person. Please read the security page.  

After you have filled out this form, you be notified by email:

  1. That you have requested this service from Student Resources
  2. And you will receive a PIN Number. (Only authorized personal should be allowed to have access to this PIN.)


The name you provide will be used to verify the information.

[* Required entry field]

Administrators Registration Form

Full Name


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School Name


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Voice Phone


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School Address 1


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Email List

Cut &Past your email address's here (You must provide the email list)

If you can not see the entire list in the text box window, scroll down the window to make sure the list is complete . If you cut & pasted correctly you should see the entire list.



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