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Location : New Account - Administrators

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Note: This is a free service for all participating administrators.

How It Works

Options :

  1. Signin, fill out the closure information form and your school is posted. It's that easy.
  2. Makes it easy for students, parents and faculty to find out if thier school has been closed via the internet.
  3. Email, student, parents, faculty if your school is closed. (tv stations may be down but the phone lines will still be working)
  4. Send us your school mascot image (gif, jpg format) to place olong with your school weather closure listing. See sample page

To sign up and become an authorized user for a weather bulletin account, you must first enter your school name and create a password. Please use your school name, the password will be associated with the name of the school not the person submitting this form. However only the person that knows the password for that school will be able to post a notice. This is so that anyone authorized by the person holding the password will be able to post weather bulletins for that school. Students cannot post or change weather bulletins.

Be prepared to answer the following

  • School name
  • Location of school
  • Name of person creating this account. (this will be used only in the case that you forget or wish to change your password.)
  • Position at the school (Only administrators can create accounts for thier schools.)
  • Verifiable Email address
  • Day time office phone number (This will be used to verify the account.)
  • You will be asked if you would like to noify students, parents and faculty by email. If you choose to have this option, have your email list ready, you will need it to cut & past the information into the text box provided. If you need help.  How to cut & past  Also please read Privacy & Security