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Barebones System

Asus K7M- ATX Motherboard, ATX Tower Case and AMD Athlon-K7-500 Processor

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The K7M is based on AMDŽ AMD-751 chipset with ATX form factor for the
latest support in AMD AthlonTM 500~750+MHz (K7) processors. Such new
chipset is the first of the kind to incorporate with 200MHz FSB (Front Side
Bus) in the x86 platforms. This mainboard features support for UDMA/66
data transfer, AMR slot, and JumperFreeTM Mode via BIOS setup. The
additional upgrades provided include USB ports, PC Health Monitoring and
Yamaha Audio. With two existing USB ports onboard, users can also
upgrade with two more additional USB ports via the bundled USB connector
set for greater expansion.

Chipset Feature
The AMD Athlon microarchitecture is optimized for high clock frequency
using superscalar floating point unit for the 7th generation x86 platforms.
High-performance cache technology, including 128 KB of on-chip
level-one(L1) cache and a 512KB L2 cache; enhanced 3DNow! technology
with 24 new instructions will optimize integer math calculations, and 3D
multimedia performance to a whole new level of system performance, from
its ultra powerful 22 million transistors 0.25 micron processor.

Supports AMD AthlonTM
500MHz~750+MHz CPU.
3x DIMM sockets for 3.3V
Dual UDMA/66 IDE
Up to 5 PCI and 1 ISA slots
3 x DIMM for up to 768MB
Two additional USB ports
200MHz Front Side Bus
JumperFree Setting
New AMR Slot for Audio/Modem
Yamaha Audio and PC
Health Monitoring


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