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Computer Shopper's Objectives.








Computer Shopper General Purpose Statement
WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Provide the lowest price computer products for our customers
WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Maintain a continuing relationship with the customer with after purchase follow up technical service.
WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Provide technical and maintenance help to those computer users who need help setting up, purchasing, finding or purchasing computer systems, components and software even if the customer purchased the item from elsewhere and not Computer Shopper.
WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Instill a trusting working relationship with our customers and non-customers.

Here at Computer Shopper

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) We believe that you the computer shopper and user will appreciate and come again to our site, not only to purchase or find an item, but to find technical and maintenance help as well. We want you to know that we are not only selling computers but we will help you with a computer system or product that we did not sell you. FOR FREE! All need be done is for you to fill out the help form and we will be glad to help.

Why A Site Like This

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) Computer Shopper came  from the premise that persons shopping for a computer product, on the internet, would have to wade through thousands of sites or pages in a site trying to find the item they where looking for. Only to find out that they would then have to become a member by supplying a credit card number or find hidden costs in the purchase of an item, such as shipping/handling charges. (In Small Print, That cost almost as much if not more than the item)

WB01158_.GIF (255 bytes) What computer shopper does, is find and locate, all those great deals from thousands of merchants on the web. We do the shopping for you, we already know where to look to find you the best deals out there. We are constantly surfing the web and making deals with these merchants from all over the world. There are no hidden costs, you will be told up front in big bold print what the price, shipping charges and total price for the item are. We only sell items with warrenties and Computer Shopper guaranties all items purchased through computer shopper.