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April 2001 Vol. 1.

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No Exit Headlines

No Exit In Concert - Denison TX - Friday April 13th
No Exit will be headlining a Friday the 13th Concert at the Millenium 2000 club in Denison TX. No Exit will be performing along with three other bands, Somsara, Texas Hard Core and Surmise. No Exit will be the last to perform. Each band will perform for one hour starting at 9 P.M. with no exit starting at about 12:45 Please call 903-465-4802 for more information. email for more info


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No Exit In Concert - Grapevine TX. No Exit Mailing List
No Exit will be performing on the Coors stage, May 19 starting at 3:30pm and ending at 4:45pm. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Stop by, take pictures and send them via email to No Exit. If you write up a story about the event we will post it here in the news letter and on the site. email for more info You can get the NOEXIT News Letter in your mail box. Click here to join our mailing list. You may also receive the  NOEXIT itinerary in your mailbox. You can select both options to receive the news letter and the itinerary.
importd6.jpg (20368 bytes)Check out the local area music scene magazine  

Check out the local area music scene magazine No Exit appears in Music Scene Magazine this month. Pick up your copy of Aprils addition in most of the local clubs.

We need your help
We need your pictures and reviews of performances and reviews of the No Exit CD. If you would like to help, you can to so by sending pictures and your reviews to No Exit
April Itinerary
April 7 Zolies, Sherman TX.
April 13 Millenium Denison TX. Details
April 19,20,21 Willhouits Grapevine TX.
April 26 BreakTime, Denison. Thursday
April 28 Zolies Sherman TX.


importd6.jpg (20368 bytes)Check out the local area music scene magazine

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