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My Web Links Summery

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What this page will do

Front Page Contents

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) The index page will redirect to this page

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) News papers, News web sites that are available stock on this site

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) Members can sign in on the front page (this page) or get a quick glance at the news, sports, financial headlines.

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) Weather Channel and other internet related weather stock on this site.

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) Members will have access to thier account information from this page.

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) Web Developmint, html, JavaScript, Front Page 98, Flash 4.0-5.0, Macromedia Action Script.
WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) Non-members can get a look at the content that is offered as well as inform the non-member of the benefits of joining.
Phases Site Goals
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 WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) I. Last update 03/06/02

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) II. Design phase

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) III. Design phase

WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) Allow members to create thier own web page with thier links or let them use the stock links (onsite links)
WB00882_.GIF (263 bytes) Let members design thier own page useing colors for menus and page layout. Allow the user to use the colors of thier choice in the design of thier page.